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Mag. Art., Mag. Health Care Simona Orinska – certified dance movement therapist, supervisor, choreographer, performing artist

Simona’s fields of activity are highly promoted by her creativity and multidisciplinary thinking. She has gained integrative educational experience – master degrees in Arts / Humanities and Health Care. She has also studied body techniques in Latvia as well as abroad (sport, contemporary dance, physical theatre, dance improvisation, contactimprovisation, Butoh, Aikido, Yoga, Argentinian tango, Ci-Gun). Presently she is working as a dance movement therapist in VSIA BKUS, Children Hospital „Gailezers” (psychiatric section) and with individual clients as well. Certificated Ayurvedic Champi masseur.

Her deep interest in body mind interaction has been firmly tied with Butoh principles which emerged in Japan. She has  studied Butoh with renowned professionals (Yoshito Ohno, Dairakudakan Butoh Company, Yukio Waguri, Toshiharu Kasai, Tsuruyama ZULU Kinya, Ken Mai, Su-En, Kitt Johnson, Anita Saij, Joao Roberto de Souza) in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Malaysia and Germany. She also studied Japanese traditional dance Nihon Buyo with masters from Hanayagi and Fujikage schools and Chinese and Cambodian traditional dance. At this time Simona is exploring use of Butoh in Dance Movement Therapy. She is working as Butoh, physical theatre performing artist, and tutor. She has performed in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Greece, Armenia, Lithuania and Latvia. 

The flow of consciousness and magic of word has been investigated in her poetry selections “The Mirrorsteps” (2002) and "Sacred Dances of the Night" (2010). Simona’s interest about use of body techniques in performing arts were realized in several multidisciplinary projects. Simona works as a producer, manager and performer in her projects. 

Simona is a chief of board of  studio “Laboratory of Stage Arts”,  board member of “Latvian Dance Movement Therapy Association” and member of “Latvian Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographer's Association”.  She was presented with award of the year in the category of „Development of Cultural Society” by Latvian Ministry of Culture (2006).  

m.t. (+371) 29394500

Curriculum Vitae

2013-2015 Education of Supervisor (Riga Stradin’s University)
2006-2009 Riga Stradin’s University, Master degree in  Health service and Art therapist professional qualification with specialization in Dance Movement Therapy
2000–2005 Latvian Academy of Culture,  Theory of Culture and Management, Bachelorship in Arts, MA in Arts
1997–2000 Riga Applied College, Environmental design department, specialist - Object Designer

Work experience
Since 2009.20.04. Art Therapy specialist (Dance Movement therapist) VSIA BKUS Children Hospital „Gailezers”,
Since 2009  Dance Movement therapy individual practice, under monitoring of  Medicine Association „ARS”
Since 2004  „Laboratory of Stage Arts” actress, project manager, producer
2008 International Arts Synergy Festival „I-Deja” (Riga, Latvia), idea and producer
2007 „First Argentinian Tango Festival”, project manager, producer
2007 Dance company “Well of Stars”, performance “About you, about me..”, producer
2006 Music video and company’s "Latvian Air Traffic" DVD (company "Avantis Promo"), executive producer
2005 – 2009 Mime, dancer in arts and corporately events
2003–2004  Artistic leader of Culture Centre "Artist's House"
2001–2004 Free lance journalist ("Latvian Newspaper"; "Literature and Arts in Latvia", „NRA”)
1997–2001  Independent artist (sketches, drawings, textile prints for individual orders)

Dance Movement Therapy placements
2008, July 2  - September 25  Dance Movement Therapy Center „Dance Voice” (Bristol, UK). Client’s groups: mental health problems; addiction recovery; learning difficulties; autistic children; individual clients.
2008, August 4 – September 9  „St.Cristopher’s School” (Bristol, UK), special school for autistic children. Individual clients of autistic spectrum disorders.

2009.06.05. Certificate - Ayurvedic Champi massage (Nr.C20-09), valid till: 2014.06.05. „Association of Holistic Medicine  and Naturopathy”, Member of I.C.M.A.R.T.
2009.04.12. – Participating with presentation „Dance Movement Therapy in Children Psychiatry” in Latvian Children Psychiatry Association (10 credits)
2009.06. – 07.11. Participating in 14. International Creativity Conference (Riga) with presentation „Use of Butoh in Dance Movement Therapy to Rise the Awareness of the Inner Resources for Young Adults”
2009.01.10. Certificate – Participating in  Children Clinical University Hospital’s I-st Multidisciplinary Conference (5 credits)
2009.17.,19.07. Certificate – Participating in 7. International Art Therapies Conference „Contemporary Arts Therapies – Theory and Practice” (Latvia)
2009.17.,19.07. Certificate – Group supervision (4. acad. h.). Supervisor: dr. Vicky Karkou (Queen Margaret University, Scotland)
2009.21., 22.07. Certificate – Kestenberg Movement Profile. Intensive Class - part I (12 h.). Tutor: Sabine C.Koch, PhD (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
2008.15.,16.,17.02. Certificate – Seminar of 5 rythms  (18 acad. h.). Leader: Julie Deal (UK), (Latvia)
2009.5.-12.07. Certificate – Participating in theatre festival „5th In.F.o.Ma.T” with presentation and workshop „Butoh based dance movement therapy for performers” (Athens, Greece)
2008, July 7 – 12 Certificate - Dance Movement Psychoterapy (60 acad. h.). Place: Dance Movement Therapy Center „Dance Voice” (Bristol, UK)
2008, March 7., 8.  Certificate - Psychodynamic Psychoterapy and Arts (14 acad. h.) with Hans-Otto Thomashoff, Dr.phil. (Austria), (place: Riga Stradin’s University)
2008, November 11 Certificate - Psychoteraphy today (2 acad. h.) with Serge Ginger (France). Place – Riga, „First Festival of Public Speaches”
2008, November 11 Certificate - Psychoanalitic Group Therapy (2 acad. h.) with Eugenijus Laurinaitis (Lithuania). Place – Riga, „First Festival of Public Speaches”
2008, March, June  Certificate - Dance Movement group therapy (48 acad. hours) with Andrea Nundy, RDMT; PgDip (DMT), B.A. (Honours), (UK), (place: Riga Stradin’s University)
2007, October 13.,14.; December 8.,9. Certificate - Movement Observation and Dance Movement therapy (30 acad.hours) with Susan Scarth MCAT, SrDMT (UK), (place: Riga Stradin’s University)
2007, July  Certificate - Dance and Movement therapy course, (group therapy, 30 acad. h.) with Vicky Karkou (Queen Margareth University, Scotland), (place: Riga Stradin’s University)  
2007, July Certificate - Dance Ritual therapy course, (group therapy, 30 acad. hours) with Paolo Malvarosa (France), (place: Riga Stradin’s University)
2007, July Certificate – Participating in international conference „Integrative Approaches to Art Therapy” (place: Liepaja, Latvia). Including workshops with Vicky Karkou (Queen Margareth University, Scotland), Paolo Malvorosa (France), Lilia Petrie (Canada), Vineta Lagzdina (Australia), Natalia Nazarova (Russia)
2006, October 20.,27.; November 03. Certificate - V. Reich’s Psychoterapy (8 acad. hours) with psychoterapist Ivars Ozoliņš, Mag.Psych. (USA), (place: Riga Stradin’s University)

• Scientific publications
Orinska S. „Use of Butoh in Dance Movement Therapy with Young Adults”. 7. International Art Therapies Conference „Contemporary Arts Therapies – Theory and Practice”. Abstract Book. Riga: Stradin’s University, 2009

Оринска С. „Использование танца буто в танцевално-двигательной терапии для осознания личностных ресурсов

молодежи” Современный танцевално-двигательный психотерапевт: традиции и инновации в развитии Российской 

школы ТДТ: Сборник статей VI научно-практической конференции. Пенза: ПГПУ им. Белинского, 2010

• Articles
2006 „Creative Laboratory of Modris Tenisons. Under the Sign of Ecce Homo”. DVD „Inside” attachment
2005 „e-faces in motion – dances of flying faces in the monitor?”. Professional performing arts journal „Teātra Vēstnesis” (Riga, Latvia), Nr.2
2001/5 Portret of choreographer Olga Zitluhina. Journal of Arts „Art Plus”
2001-2003 „Literatura and Arts in Latvia”. Articles about contemporary dance, movement theatre, cinema, theatre and arts.
• Poetry
Books „Latvian Contemporary Poetry” (2009), „Day of Poetry 2000” un „Day of Poetry 2001”
Journals of Literature „The Flag”, „Luna” (1997) „Pedvale’s Copybook Nr. 3” (2001)
Newspapers „Literatura and Arts in Latvia”, „Newspaper of Literatura”, „Cultural Day” (2006)
Poetry selection „SPOGUĻSOĻI” (The „Mirrorsteps”), published by „Neputns” (2002)

Author of multidisciplinary projects
2008  „EYES FLUTTERING IN MY KNEES”, multimedia performance and DVD
2006  “INSIDE”, (DVD “INSIDE” and multimedia performance “Nature of The City”)
2006  Nonverbal Theatre pilotfestival
2005  „TEC-1”, videodance (DVD and performance„TEC-1”)
2004  „E-FACES IN MOTION”, arts improvisation

Group exhibitions
2007 „Brave New World: On the Transformation of Central and Eastern European Cities” (IFA Gallery: Berlin and Stutgarth; Germany) with videodance project „TEC-1” (about Contemporary Arts Museum),

Additional education
Since 1998 Studies of dance and body techniques  (contemporary dance, contactimprovisation, dance improvisation, physical theatre, butoh, aikido, yoga, Argentinian tango, Ci-Gun dynamic breath, street theatre, Feldenkrais technique, Chinese traditional folk dance)
2007–2008  Voice and Body with Dzintra Mendziņa
2005–2007 Practical and theorethical studies of nonverbal theatre methods with directors Modris Tenisons and Viktors Jansons (M. Chekov’s un J. Grotovsky approache, eyrithmic, pantomime, acrobatics, dramatics and body figurative synthesis)
2003–2004 „International Global Theatre Experience” course “Creative Laboratory” (choreography, dance theatre direction, improvisation, dramatics). Certificate. With theatre director, choreographer Sergejs Ostrenko
1998–2000 Studio of movement theatre, director Ansis Rutentals
1997 Theatre studio, director Anna Eizvertina

Butoh wokshops
2011 Yoshito Ohno, Dairakudakan Butoh Company (Japan, Tokyo, Yokohama)
2010 Toshiharu Kasai (stage name Itto Morita) (Japan)
2010 Joao Roberto de Souza (Brazil)
2010 Swee Keong, Lai Chee (Malaysia)
2007 KITT JOHNSON workshop „Expressive Anatomy” (Denmark)

2007 SU-EN butoh company workshop and participating in the international performance project „The Chicken project – Romeo and Juliet” (Sweden, Uppsala, Shakespeare’s festival,
2007 Butoh dance masterclasses with Ken Mai, Yukio Waguri, Tsuruyama ZULU Kinya (in the frameworks of Nonverbal Arts festival „Vertical 2007: Buto Relations”, (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
2007 Masterclasse with Ken Mai (Riga, Latvia)
2006 Susanna Akerlund butoh method (SU-EN butoh company, Sweden)
2005 Anita Saij butoh method (Nordic School of Butoh, Denmark)
2002 Improvisation, butoh and yoga masterclass with Sophie Cournede (Schloss Brölin Art Center, Germany)

Tutor of Butoh
2009 Workshop and prezentation of method „Butoh Based Dance Movement Therapy for Performers” (In.F.O.Ma.T., Athens, Greece)
2009 / 2010 Studio „BUTOH & IMPROVISation”
2008 „Dance Movement Therapy with Use of Butoh for Teachers” (Riga Municipality, Department of Education)
2008 Lecture „Butoh Dance Theatre” Latvian University, Faculty of Philology, Department of Theatre Science
2008 Studio „BUTOH & IMPROVISation”
2007 Studio „BUTOH & IMPROVISation”
2007 Teacher in director’s Viktors Jansons theatre studio
2007 Buto dance tutor for dance pedagogue students (Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy)
2006 Teacher in multimedia theatre project  “INSIDE”

Performance experience
2012 Performance  skin skin you my black crow”,  Butoh Studio (director), Latvia
2012 Collaboration project Nature's Concert hall” , Latvia
2012 Performance  ZIME. Purification , Latvia
2012 Performance „ZIME. The Sign, Armenia
2011 Performance  ZIME.Zen of Interconnected Me , Malaysia, Thailand
2011 Performance with Fujiko Nakaya, Latvia
2010 Performance in International Film Forum "Arsenals", Latvia
2010 Performance „Sacred Dances of The Night”, Latvia
2010 Performance „Part of Mr. Zamza”, Latvia
2010 Collaboration performance  Spriditis , Latvia
2010 Performance Come InButoh Studio (director), Latvia
2009 Performance „Somebody Who Leads”, Latvia
2009 Performance „On Haiku”, Latvia
2009 Performance „Awakening”, Latvia
2009 Performance „Stone Seed for Israel”, Latvia
2008 Solo performance with noise theatre „PuseH PuseW”, Experimental Music festival, Latvia
2008 Solo performance, International Contemporary Dance festival, Latvia
2008 Solo performance, event of Latvian famous director A. Rutentals, Latvia
2008 Multimedia performance „Eyes Fluttering in My Knees”, Latvia
2008 Multimedia performance „Eyes Fluttering in My Knees”, Lithuania
2008 Performance „Landscape of the Body”, Latvia
2008 Photo and video performance „Falling of Icarus”, Latvia
2007 International butoh project „The Chicken project – Romeo and Juliet”, Sweden
2007 Photo and video performance „Mud”, Latvia
2007 Performance „The Warmth of Hexagon. From Bee’s Life”, Lithuania
2007 Group performance, Latvia
2007 Performance „Con-jura-tion”, Latvia
2007 Performance „To go Through”, Latvia
2007 Performance „The story about Pedvale’s Tree of Stone”, Latvia
2007 International videoart project, performance „Encounter”, Latvia
2006 Performance „The Axis of the Universe”,  Latvia
2006 Performance „Annas are Playing”, Latvia
2006 Performance „Suitcases are Flying”, Latvia
2006 Performance „The Nature of the City”, Latvia
2006 Performance „The Nature”, Latvia
2006 Video art „Inside” and „5 Lilitas”, Latvia
2006 Dance improvisation, Latvia
2005 Performance „The Unconscious Object – Human”, Latvia
2005 Performance „Tec-1”, Latvia
2004 Individual street performances in Venice and Barcelona
2003 Performance „The Mirror Creatures”, Latvia
2002 Performance „Blood Dah Over the Breast”, Latvia
2002 Performance „I am Against”, Latvia
2001 Performance „Fire River”, Latvia

Participation in festivals
2011, December Nayoba Kan International Butoh festival (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
2011, December Resurection: 7th International Butoh Festival (Bangkok, Thailand)
2011, October  International Theatre Festival „HIGH FEST“ (Yerevan, Armenia)
2011, May European Culture's Theatre Festival (Paderborn, Germany) 
2009, July In.F.O.Ma.T International Theatre Festival (Athens, Greece)
2009, September International Contemporary Dance Festival, Video Showcase programme (Almada, Portugal)
2008, November International Arts Synergy Festival “I-Deja” (Riga, Latvia)
2008, October  18. International Festival of Modern Dance (Kaunas, Lithuania)
2008, October International Arts Festival  “Homo Ludens” (Jonava, Lithuanai)
2008, June  International Contemporary Dance Festival „Time to Dance” (Riga, Latvia)
2008, May International Experimental Music Festival “Sound Forest” (Riga, Latvia)
2007, August International Short and Animation Film Festival „OPEN CINEMA”, (Sankt-Petersburgh, Russia)
2007, August International Videoart Festival „Waterpieces 07” (Riga, Latvia)
2007, December 6. International Student Theatre Festival „megaFON” (Bochum, Germany)
2006, November 15. International Dance Festival (Freiburg, Germany)
2006, November Nonverbal Theatre Pilotfestival (Riga, Andrejsala, Latvia)
2006 – 2007 International Youth Short Film Festival „2 ANNAS“ (Riga, Latvia)
2006, October International Theatre Festival „HIGH FEST“ (Yerevan, Armenia)
2006, August International Videoart Festival „Waterpieces 06” (Riga, Latvia)
2005, August International Videoart Festival „Waterpieces 05” (Riga, Latvia)
2004, October International Theatre Festival “Golden Lion-2004” (Lvova, Ukraine)
2004, July „International Festival of Theatral Methods’04” (Malpils, Latvia)
2004, March „VIII Tarptautinis Vaiku ir Jaunimo Teatru Festivalis” (Jurbarka, Lietuva)

Special grants and awards
12.11.2006 In the name of „Laboratory of Stage Arts” – Latvian Ministry of Culture award of the year „Three Brothers” in the category „For the Cultural Society Developement”
2005–2007 Grants Baltic Sleipnir for studies of butoh dance
2003 Public Education Foundation „New Academy” – grant for body techniques studies
2002 Latvian Foundation of Education special purpose programme „For Education, Science and Culture”– grant for the research „The cosmological aspects of the Circle in the context of European Art”

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