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If you are interested in:

new experience what dance movement therapy is

exploring of body sensations and feelings

creative exploring of yourself and communication with others

investigation of different body techniques

Spring is the time when we would like to get rid of winter for letting go new experiences – new feelings, new relationships, new look to personal body image. Before we do next step we try to aware where we are now and what we would like to reach in the future.

In DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY LABORATORY we will explore how with the use of different body techniques we can find links between feelings, mind and body sensations. We will observe our body movement habits and will keep on eye on sensation of presence and spontaniousity. We will search for our inner resources and skills. This experience might built a bridge to personal insights and new ideas.

The course is based on Simona Orinska's practical and theorethical investigation in dance movement therapy and butoh. In the frameworks of this course we will also use contactimprovisation, improvisation, authentic movement, movement theatre and relaxation approaches.

Dance Movement Therapy is an art therapy direction which uses body movement for your physical, social, cognitive and emotional health. There is synthesis of physical and emotional aspect in dance movement therapy. Butoh is Japanese contemporary dance also called “body archeology”. You don't need to be a dancer to participate!

There will be 12 sessions in Saturdays 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Participation: Please send motivation letter and contact information to:, mob.t. 29394500.

Course leader: Simona Orinska – Mag. Art, Mag. Health Care, dance movement therapist, butoh artist.

More info:,


Dance Movement Therapy is defined as a form of Arts Therapies in Latvia. Dance Movement Therapy uses movement to improve client’s physical, emotional, cognitive (perception, memory, mind) and social wealth. This therapy could help to liberate emotional and physical stress, to solve psychosomatics difficulties, to get life energy and deep relaxation, to develop creativity and to feel joy of body movement.

There is no need for dance skills! Your age doesn’t matter!

Unlike physiotherapy or dancing, there is a special meaning for emotional aspect, physical unity and creativity in Dance Movement Therapy.

Dance Movement Therapy aims can be established regarding client’s needs and/or difficulties. Therapy is lead by therapist in a safe and free atmosphere.  Session is made by verbal part and individually integrated body movement activity level which allows to express creatively your thoughts, emotions and feelings. There are music, rhythms, swings, also props (materials, balls, kerchiefs etc.)  Session is finished by talk regarding gained experiences. There is possible individual or group therapy.

This therapy is advised for
-Personal development
-Clients in process of  rehabilitation
-Clients with psychosomatics difficulties
-Clients with psychological difficulties
-Psychiatric patients (under monitoring of medical attendant)
-Children with emotional disturbance, autistic spectrum disorder etc.


Benefits of Group Dance Movement Therapy
-Increase your self-confidence, self-awareness and personal autonomy
-Develop your body image, facilitate your self-acceptance
-Experience your mind, body and emotional link
-Express too intensive thoughts or feelings; reduce distress
-Get in contact with your inner resources and creative potential
-Explore existential questions (meaning of life, choice, responsibility etc.)
-Develop communication skills, trust in relationship; understand your influence in relations with others
-Get support and feedback from the group participants
-Give support to others and share with your experiences

Group principles
Confidentiality – it means mutual contract if everything what happened in the group will stay in the frames of group. It is not allowed to talk about your or  participant’s experiences outside the group.
Safety – it means responsibility for your own and others physical safety. It is your freedom not to take part in some activities and to interrupt talk about yourself.
Honesty – it means you have a freedom not to speak but if you speak you do it honesty.
Honor of personal time – it means you determine to take part in the definite number of sessions. You pay about session if you cut it anyway. 
Freedom– it means you have a freedom to leave the group before it is finished.
Responsibility – it means you have a responsibility to argument your resolution to leave the group before it is finished to the therapist and the group.

Take part in Dance Movement Therapy Group!
Let’s reduce your distress and experience joy of your body movement. Let’s taste deep relaxation and develop creativity and spontaneity! Let’s take energy for realizing your personal aims and relax physical and emotional tension! Let’s be aware of your communication regarding others and let’s get support which can be given by group participants!

Number of participants are limited.

1 session’s duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Sign up for the group therapy
Please send your application to dance movement therapist or call (+371) 29394500



Advantages of Individual Therapy are possibilities to tackle personally sensitive problems with use of body movement and talk in dialogue. There are contract in the beginning of the therapy where personal aims are established. Duration of the therapy depends from mutual contract.

Individual Therapy is recommended if
-You have emotional problems, difficult questions in suspense or distress
-You want to explore yourself
-You have very intense trials but it is difficult to speak about it
-You are not satisfied with your body image, there are pains and tensions in your body
-You are anxious about physical contact, close relationship and trust
-You lost your inner energy because of trauma or strong trail
-You are in a difficult period of life – in crisis, loss, changes
-You feel stick in some problems or You feel something goes wrong with your life
-You have difficulties to use verbal communication

Duration of Individual Therapy / adults: 60 min, children: 30 - 40 min

Fee/ 1 session (60 min): EUR 25

Fee/ 1 session (45 min): EUR 20

Fee/ 1 session (30 min): EUR 15

Sign up for the individual therapy
Please send your application to dance movement therapist or call (+371) 29394500



Individual Dance Movement Therapy is possible to supplement nicely with Champi massage. If in Dance Movement Therapy you are in a dynamic motion than during massage you can fully relax and feel outer effect on you. Integration of these two therapies can give more complete effect on therapeutic aims.

In Sanskrit „Champi” means "filling with energy". This is one of Ayurvedic massages rooted in India. During Champi client usually sits down. Firstly masseur takes shoulder’s, than hands, neck and head zones. Specific movements of massage what touches client’s energetic lines and points are strictly reglamented. The aromatic essential oils of great value are used. Every client has specific oils according his type. 

Benefits of Champi massage are multiple
-Balance and stabilize energy of the body
-Works on neurological diseases, high blood pressure, insomnia, migraine, vestibular system and disturbances in blood circulation
-Improve blood and lymph circulation, improve texture’s supply with oxygen
-Reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression as well headaches
-Reduce tension of muscles and pain located in scruff and shoulders
-Improve digestive system and function of stomach – gut tract
-Improve concentration, brain work and memory
-Good influence on psycho-emotional state of mind

Champi massage is not recommended
-If you have cancerous or bening tumours
-If you have epilepsy, blood circulation diseases, thrombus
-If you are pregnant 
-If you have sore skin in the areas of massage
-If you have huge asthenia
-If you have fever heat, acute pains or infection diseases

For your safeguard, please, consult with medical attendant.

Course of individual therapy – massage depends from mutual contract.

Duration of Individual Therapy / adults: 60 min, children: 30 - 40 min

Fee / 1 session: EUR 15 - 22

Sign up for the individual therapy with champi
Please send your application to dance movement therapist and certificated Champi masseur or call (+371) 29394500

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