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   Photo by: Vika Petrikaite 

 to kill BUTŌ 




19. SEPTEMBER - 18. OCTOBER, 2015

Butoh – a moment between the life and the death

The live art installation introduces the audience to the most powerful Japanese art movement of the 20th century and one of the best Butoh artists in the world: Ko Murobushi. Butoh was created in Japan in the 1950s and 1960s as a reaction to the military and economic invasion of the USA in Japan, the consequences of the nuclear bomb and the war, as well as the Western culture influence on Japan.

The art of Simona Orinska has surpassed the border of Butoh as a narrow dance movement. It is the road of the human suffering, love and pleasure, a deeply conscious and fulfilled condition. In the collective archetypes, both the cosmic code of the Baltic sign and the “archaeology” of the human body of Butoh have the same beginning, which was manifested during the performance Z.I.M.E. in the new hall of the Latvian National Opera by the two artists.

There is a saying in Buddhism that stands for giving up one’s ego: “If you meet Buddah on the road, kill him.” The live installation “to kill BUTŌ X” is a retrospective of the past ten years, and an evaluation and a methaporic killing of the previous phase, thus making space for new creative ideas.

The creators of the installation: Simona Orinska - author of the idea, artist; Modris Tenisons - author of the concept; Jānis Deinats - photography; Raitis Vulfs - video; Dzintars Krūmiņš - animation, video; Andrējs Krūmiņš- lights installation; Gita Straustiņa - video; Laura Plūmiņa, Ina Ločmele - curators.

Performance: the interdisciplinary art group IDEAGNOSIS; Stenlijs.

Live performance in Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 12:00 - 18:00.

Organizers: Laboratory of Stage Arts

Collaboration partners: Rīgas mākslas telpa




Supporters: AS Antalis, Green Print, Rīgas Laiks,  Fotocentrs, PR tēls

Thanks to: Kinoforums ARSENĀLS, TRITONE STUDIO,

International contemporary dance festival TIME TO DANCE

Address: Kungu street 3, Riga / Working hours from Tuesday till Sunday from  11.00– 18.00 / Info: 67026726,



RISEBA is proud to offer an innovative major at the Master’s Degree level “MULTIMEDIA PERFORMING ARTS”. Starting from September 2015 it will be possible for you to study synthesis of arts, learn how to create, organize and direct multimedia projects, concerts, events and performances of different kinds.

“The course is unique due to its integrated approach to contemporary performing arts with the focus on the current demand and fast development of types of media. For more than ten yeas I have been involved in discovering the opportunities of synthesis of arts and modes of expression – visual arts, acting and dancing techniques, theory of culture, dance movement therapy. I would like to share my experience and together with my students broaden the understanding of arts, live through creative discoveries”, says Simona Orinska, Master of Arts and Health Management, the author of the program, dance therapist, supervisor, artist and director of the company IDEAGNOSIS.           

3 Didzis Grodzs 4 Didzis Grodzs 6 Didzis Grodzs1           

The new specialization allows exploring the multimedia aspect of performing arts and aesthetics of performance through the exchange of experience and knowledge in the synthesis of various types of art. The program takes into account the new aesthetics of performance, which prescribes the wide application of multimedia and body techniques, interaction, spontaneity, the bodily presence of spectators, cooperation and process as the theatrical value, visual elements, evolution of theatre space, creation of sound sculptures and installations. As a result of the study process, your professional skills will have improved and you will have broadened your creative thinking.

The practical component during the studies is no less important. During the two-year program students create their projects acquiring the skill of applying different types of media. The studies are held in English and take place on workday evenings and Saturdays.

During the first study year as an integrated part of the “Audiovisual Media Arts” program the following courses are offered: Сinematography, Aesthetics of New Nedia and Movie Editing, Audiovisual Performance and Animation, Directing, Visual Semiotics and Media Design. The second year helps students focus on their specialization through study modules: Body Movement Techniques, Audiovisual Media, Principles of Visual Arts. They will study such subjects as Visual Spatial Thinking, Interdisciplinary Scenography,Process Art, Videodance Directing, Contemporary Dance and Improvisation, Butoh Dance and Somatic Methods, Methods and Techniques of Physical and Dramatic Theatre, Acoustic Art, Dance and Performance Staging. To provide additional support to students in their professional activities and help develop cooperation skills special courses will be organized as well – Professional Focus Group and Group Management.

         Izrāde VILCENE Foto Artur Chusmasoff Izrāde ZIMEFoto Dmitrijs Hatovs Izrāde ZIME Foto Dmitrijs Hatovs

Due to its interdisciplinary character, the program is aimed not only at experienced art professional but also graduates in other fields. During the enrolment process the applicant’s motivation, purpose, creative thinking and experience (past and current projects) will be considered. The applicant will have to present a portfolio. Entrance exams are scheduled in August and include an interview and a practical task.

The final requirement of the program is Master Paper. Students are expected to present their project – a multimedia concert, an audiovisual event and/or performance. Upon the successful completion of the program Master Degree in Audiovisual Media Arts is granted. The knowledge and skills gained during the study process will be essential in directing multimedia projects of different types, being a multiartist or producer able to compete at the international level.

Edge Hill University (UK) and the Danish National School of Performing Arts are our cooperation partners within Erasmus, so student and teaching staff exchange will be part of the study process. If necessary, the program will be tailored to students’ needs and interests.

Electronic brochure is available here

Apply here



Ko Murobushi - one of the best known and acclaimed Butoh artists in the world, and is recognized as a leading inheritor of Hijikata’s vision of Butoh. He founded famous Butoh groups as “Dairakudakan”, “Ariadone” and “Sebi”. He made several solo productions as “Edge”, “Quick Silver” etc. He is also in great demand as a workshop facilitator and an artistic director of the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna.

Soshi Matsunobe – visual artist. He is working in Europe and Japan. His works will give an audience the new viewpoint for the meaning / value which a situation and environment have. His work "Twisted Rubber Band" was used as a visual image of the international Performing Arts Festival called "KYOTO EXPERIMENT" in Kyoto.

Support: State Culture Capital Foundation, EU-Jap Fest Committee, Japan Foundation

Tickets: Biļešu Paradīze


interdisciplinary performance

international contemporary dance festival "TIME TO DANCE"

National Opera, New Hall

June 13, 18:30

Ko Murobushi – choreography, dance

Soshi Matsunobe – visual artist

Simona Orinska – choreography, dance

Modris Tenisons – theatre director

Gita Straustina – video artist

Zane Smite – singer

Artis Gulbis – sound artist

Z.I.M.E. is japanese-latvian artist collaboration project-performance. Human body's contradiction and struggle, nature and Baltic sign – they all create mistery way of human life and death. The end of this way we find new begining – NOTHING.

At the begining Butoh has no name. Butoh was an Anti dance. It's just material. What's the material of NOTHING? How can we escape from our old system of MEANING/HISTORY? How can we do 'doing nothing'? How can we create new meaning or NOTHING? These are the most important question for our life & death.

Simona Orinska – interdisciplinary artist, dance movement therapist, and poet. Her dance is like poetry, opening link to “body archeology”. It is flow of nonconsciouss material which is linked to consciuos as expression of body shape. She is author, movement director and performer of several multimedia performances as “eyes fluttering in my knees”, “Sacred Dances of the Night”, “Zime” and others.

Modris Tenisons – artist, theatre director. He is founder of professional pantomime theatre in Lithuania. From year 1972 worked as theatre director, set designer and movement consultant in different theatres in Latvia (Riga, Valmiera, Liepaja). He is co-author of project “Zime” in Latvia's exposition during EXPO 2000 in Hanover. Co-author and director for the performances “eyes fluttering in my knees”, “Sacred Dances of the Night”, “Zime” and others.

Gita Straustina – artist, designer, associated processor in Latvian Academy of Arts. Gita as video and photo artist participated in different multimedia projects: with musicians (Igo, Latvian Voices, Rolands Udris), and performances (“Man on the Stairs”, “Sacred Dances of The Night”, “Somebody Who Leads”, “Human Project”, “Zime”).

Zane Smite – musician, singer, vocal pedagogue of traditional singing in Latvian Academy of Music. Siger in trio “Smite, Karlke & Cinkuss”. She participated in famous Latvian post folk group “Ilgi”. Zane was also singer and musician in groups as “Rice Fishermen”, “Flying Carpet”, “Targa”, and Etnographical Orchestra by Puce.

Artis Gulbis – sound and performance artist, director, set designer. He was an actor in “Ansis Rutental's Movement Theatre” for a long time. Artis is sound artist in etno-persuccionit's group “Pērkonvīri”. He participated in many multimedia projects as in Latvia and abroad.



                     "HUMAN PROJECT"

                       jUNE 16, 19:00

International contemporary

dance festival


Human project’ is a multi-disciplinary performance exploring the levels of Latvian mytho-poetic thinking – archetypes of folklore, layers of Christianity, grotesque of Medieval theatre and butoh dance, and the process-driven and paradoxical code of post-dramatic theater and contemporary dance – in contemporary context. This performance is a metaphor of spiritual involvement  in order to discern a new path, human being must face his private shadows, it's how the author of performance introduces her work.

IDEA GNOSIS - Ieva Putniņa, Atvars Buka, Laura Feldberga, Anda Hūna, Viktorija Eksta, Anna Egle

Simona Orinska– direction, choreography

Dana Indāne, Arvis Kantiševs – sound

Andrējs Krūmiņš – lightning

Gita Straustiņa – videoart



  Photo: Gita Straustiņa

Authors of the performance explore feelings, emotions and semantic meanings of life in own or others' skin. A human being is living between two existences: Nature and Civilization.

The skin of civilization as haste, anxiety, repetition, information, electrical hum, clothes, dust, alienation and loneliness.

The skin of nature as primordial nudity, unity, ritual, release and new birth. We are balancing between these two skins, creating and maintaining our own.

What happens if we embody such expressions as "to be without skin", "thick-skinned", "take off the skin over the eyes", "what are you keep behind the skin?", "to feel this on your own skin", "sneak out of the skin" if we look at them as the psychological and physical expression?

idea gnosis


         "SKIN SKIN you MY BLACK CROW"

Interdisciplinary arts company IDEA GNOSIS arrived from student theatre festival in Viljandi (Estonia, February, 16-17) very inspired with successfull performance experience. Thank you, Viljandi for such a nice and warm host!

“If this isn't THE MASTERPIECE than nothing is. I felt like I am witnessing deep art and exclussive performance. Everything was perfect. I am amazed. Thank you!”

“...I was happy to see skin. I felt weird at the beginning but it was a lesson in itself also: body is beautiful to see and I shouldn't feel ashamed to see it. We couldn't treat it as every other narrative piece, because the language of communication they use is different...”

“I liked very powerfull beginning, sounds, movements – mysterious!”

/From audience comments/

In his masterpiece “My Mother”, the French writer George Bataille (1966) write: "Je courais seule les bois. J'étais folle," which means: I was wandering through the woods. I was mad.

Latvian art critic Santa Remere, in her review about the performance, refers to him by stating: “I have survive the pain of childbirth. I was born stifled and entangled in the umbilical cord, my step unified with that of the dancers. Than I was riding on the stump, allowing myself to experience a ferocious orgasm - one that has been left from the forest's times.

The I part of the performance was presented in 

Dirty Deal Teatro in Riga  - April, 2 

II part - May, 14. First night premiere - June 8, 9 (2012).





Butoh artist Simona Orinska, director Modris Tenisons and video artist Gita Straustina will go to Saint-Petersburg (Russia) for new collaboration performance “The Sign. ZIME” on Sept, 29-30.

They will also take part in Butoh Symposium on Sept, 29.  

They will keep work on the theme where relations between Baltic ornaments and signs, butoh and Eastern cultures have been investigated.

Simona Orinska also will give her class on Sept, 27-28 where butoh and dance movement therapy principles and approaches have been explored.


       THE SIGN. ARMENIA       AUGUST, 22-24

Butoh artist Simona Orinska, director Modris Tenisons and video artist Gita Straustina will go to Yerevan (Armenia) for new collaboration performance “The Sign. ZIME. Eyes in My Knees”.  

They will keep work on the theme where relations between Baltic ornaments and signs, butoh and Eastern cultures have been investigated.

Simona Orinska also will give her new class “Emptiness as the Source of Body Movement” where sumi-e graphic, butoh and dance movement therapy principles and approaches have been used.

NPAK Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimenatl Art

Thanks for support




            Photo by J. Deinats 

 zime. midsummer fire            performance

         in pedvale open air art museum

                  23, June at 22:00



Simona Orinska butoh studio

Skaidra Jančaite (Lithuania) - sound

Artis Gulbis - sound



Asia tour 

with art project  

ZIME - Zen of Interconnected ME”


December 1 - 19 / 2011

The performance will be based on the ancient – archetypical structure of Latvian sign (ZIME) and understandings of butoh, Zen and modernity. The unsonscious, chaotic material called “the seed of the chaoss” will be transformed into consciousness structure of ZIME, using body, voice and other mediums. Thought the elements of ancient Baltic culture can also be seen as a collective archetype, understandable feelings for all people. The performance will be based on dancer's personal input letting go into flow of non-consciousness, also trust body intelligence and awareness.

There also will be exhibition by Latvian photographer Janis Deinats and workshops by Simona Orinska.

Photo from the performance

Photo by Anna Khor (Malaysia)

Video of the performance 

Article by Richard Chua Lian Choo, editor of “Theatrex Asia”

References about the performance ZIME:

It was awesome performance!” 

Richard Chua Lian Choo, editor of “Theatrex Asia”

The second programme at the 7th International Butoh Festival featured a stunning set of creators and performers with each of the three pieces varying greatly in terms of concept. “ZIME. Zen of Interconnected ME”, choreographed and performed by Simona Orinska with vocalisation by Skaidra Jancaite from Latvia, felt like a ritual replete with esoteric symbols and images of transformation and birth.” 

The Bangkok Post / Dec, 2012

I was very moved. Performance takes me so strongly! It allows me to meet a very different state of consciousness.” 

 Stephan Sanchez/ Bangkok Opera director

The performance was a very serious and deep but sometimes funny, which is good. I saw shamanistic image which inspired me a lot!” 

 Jukio Waguri/ butoh master, disciple of butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata 



BUTOH autumn camp / September 9 - 11, 2011

Place: Tūja, guest house "Olnieki"

You are welcome to take part in Butoh Autumn Camp - near the Baltic Sea, amazing place and nature, only 70 km from capital Riga! The themes of the camp will be: base of the traditional Japanese Dance Theatre Nihon Buyo and principles of butoh; empty body; awareness; stone faces; final performance near the sea.

If you are interested, please, write:

Photos from the last Butoh camp in Pedvale Open Air Museum (2010)

Please, see the space:


DANCE movement therapy laboratory (April - June)

If you are interested in:

new experience what dance movement therapy is

exploring of body sensations and feelings

exploring of yourself and creative communication with others

investigation of different body techniques

More info here

  butoh performance

 "sacred dances of the night"

Already in this autumn there will be new butoh-processual art  performance in the contemporary art space called „Happy Art Museum” (Riga, Latvia, 

The dates of premiere - October 30, November 6 & 27 at 7 p.m. Additional performances - January 15, February 19 & 20 at 7 p.m.  We took part in the theatre festival in Germany, Padeborn on May 19 - 22. 

Now we prepare for Armenia, "High Fest" on October 1 - 10, 2011

The base of the performance is haiku by Japanese poet Kikaku Takarai: „the sacred dances of the night / white is them breath / behind the masks”. 

You can watch clip here:

Video about performance (in Latvian):

We suggest to go into "rational mind holiday", allowing to work your irrational brain, body intelligence and emotional self-reflection.  The creating of performance is like a poetry writing on the stage. Non conscious materiality which creates concrete structures in presence. Audience is like some part of this process as we give space for audience's spiritual collaboration. 

This performance is as a result of artistic and theoretical researches of butoh, nature, strong visuality, and body mind interaction. Performance's inspiration came from human transformation into nature's materials which is close to animistic thinking and accent our deep links with the Nature. Everything is alive in the Nature - from born to death. Butoh - time between breath in and breath out.  

The participants of the project: Simona Orinska (butoh, project idea), Modris Tenisons (artist, director), Artis Gulbis (performance & sound artist), Gita Straustiņa (video artist), Skaidra Jančaite (Lithuania, singer), Ken Mai (Japan, co-author, consultant of performance), Butoh Studio, artists Ērika Māldere and Aigars Lenkēvičs (

Butoh emerged in Japan as contemporary dance form since 20th century 50' - 60'. It was rebellion against consumerism and also returning to Japanese traditional cultural roots. Butoh is keeping cultural dialogue between surrealism, expressionism, Zen, Tao, also performance art, authentic movement, physical theatre. Butoh dancer search for his "body archeology" and recreates these sources into images.  

Philosopher Gadamer H. G. said if self-intertia is base of living creature. There must be stimulus of movement if it is alive. The game is as a self-intertia which doesn't has special aim as mosquito's dance or flow of waves. There is some inner activity always in game. The audience becomes as an active part of this play not ordinary observer.

The performance is supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation, Latvian Radio Classics 3, radio Naba,,,,,,, journals "Rigas Laiks", "Studija", "FotoKvartals", "Dizaina Studija", "Maksla Plus", TV 24, journal "Mistērija".

You can by tickets here:

Reviews (in Latvian) & photos :

Photos before the performance:


Simona Orinska, author of the project,

mob. phone: (+371) 29394500;


butoh in THE international film forum "ARSENāLS"

“Arsenāl’s” clip 2010, created by Raitis Ābele un Māris Zommers (studio Tritone The clip is dedicated to Japan, because this year “Arsenāls” focuses on japanese cinema.

You can see clip here, performed by Simona Orinska

Latvian Television about opening ceremony

The Film Forum was opened by Japanese butoh dance improvisation by Simona Orinska, who together with almost hypnotic sound wave of live music performed by Jēkabs Nīmanis and Uģis Krišjānis made the soul awake “from the mud and blood” and to fly a couple of feet above the ground.

You can see photos here


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