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Orinska S. „Use of Butoh in Dance Movement Therapy with Young Adults”. 7. International Art Therapies Conference „Contemporary Arts Therapies – Theory and Practice”. Abstract Book. Riga: Stradin’s University, 

Оринска С. „Использование танца буто в танцевално-двигательной терапии для осознания личностных ресурсов

молодежи”. Современный танцевално-двигательный психотерапевт: традиции и инновации в развитии Российской 

школы ТДТ: Сборник статей VI научно-практической конференции. Пенза: ПГПУ им. Белинского, 2010

Download - in Latvian / English / Russian


Orinska S. Review in the magazine "IR". About multimedia opera "Nature of The War. Music. Manga. Machines". 2011, 8. - 14. September.

Download- (in Latvian)

Orinska S. “Creative Laboratory of Modris Tenisons. Under the Sign of Ecce Homo”, DVD “Inside” attachment (fragment), 2006

Download- (in Latvian)

Orinska S. „E-faces in Motion – is it Dances of Winged Faces in the Monitor?” Professional performing arts journal „Teātra Vēstnesis” (Rig, Latvia), Nr. 2, 2005

Download - (in Latvian)

2002/ 09                          Journal “The Sun of Music”

2002. 10. 05.                    About opera “Janacek” (Robert Vilson), “Independent Morning Newspaper”

2002. 04.10.                     About director Kim Kiduk’s “The Island”, “Independent Morning Newspaper” 

2002/ Nr. 17, Nr. 20., 21     Latvian Academy of Culture journal “The Foot” 

2002/ Nr. 15                      Newspaper “Literatura and Arts in Latvia

2001/ 5                            Portret of Latvian choreographer Olga Zitluhina. Journal of Arts „Art Plus” 

2001/ Nr. 29                      Newspaper “Literatura and Arts in Latvia

2001/ Nr. 28                      Newspaper “Literatura and Arts in Latvia”  

2001/ Nr. 3                        Newspaper “Literatura and Arts in Latvia” 

2000/ Nr. 50                      Newspaper “Literatura and Arts in Latvia”    

2000/ Nr. 46                      Newspaper “Literatura and Arts in Latvia” 

2000/ Nr. 43                      Newspaper “Literatura and Arts in Latvia”

2000/ 27. 11. – 3. 12.         Journal “Waves of Riga”



2010               Art photo and poetry album "Sacred Dances of the Night"

2009               Book „Latvian Contemporary Poetry” 

2006               Newspapers „Literatura and Arts in Latvia”, „Newspaper of Literatura”, „Cultural Day” 

2002               Poetry selection „SPOGUĻSOĻI” (The „Mirrorsteps”), published by „Neputns”

2000/2001       Books „Day of Poetry 2000” un „Day of Poetry 2001” 

2001               „Pedvale’s Copybook Nr. 3”     

1997               Journal of Literature „The Flag”, „Luna”


Butoh as Mask to Interrogate the Spatial Divide Between Male and Female. Author - Richard Chua, “Theatrex Asia”, 2012 

Download (in English)

Somebody who leads - take my hand! Author  - Lauma Mellena, “Independent Morning Newspaper”,  2009

Download (in Latvian)

Stright to the Forehead! Author – Anda Burve – Rozite, the main public newspaper „The Day”, 2008

Download (in Latvian)

2009               „Celebration of the Body and the Soul”. R. Birzleja (performing arts journal „Teātra Vēstnesis”, Nr.1)
2008               Latvian National television 1, participation in the telecast „Project - Human” (about Butoh)
2008               Latvian National television 7, participation in telecast „Cream Sweet” (about Butoh)
2008               „The Stone. Time in Pedvale”. Z. Jankovska (newspaper „ Forum of Culture”)
2008               Studio guest in Latvian Radio-3. Theme – butoh performance „eyes fluttering in my knees”
2008               Studio guest in alternative radio NABA, theatre programme
2007               Portret publication „Hiding Behind The Masks”. Guna Braksa,  “Independent Morning Newspaper”
2007               Studio guest in Latvian Radio-1 cultural programme „Cultural Rondo”. Argentinian tango festival
2008               Studio guest in Latvian Radio-1 cultural programme „Cultural Rondo”. About Butoh
2007               Latvian National television 1, studio guest in cultural telecast “100 grams of Culture”.
2006               Armenian National television, participation in telecast (about videodance performance „Tec-1”)

Reviews about poetry selection „The Mirrorsteps”

Zeibots A. „The Mirrorsteps, Going to Myself”. Journal of Literature „The Flag” Nr.5., 

Download (in Latvian)

2003                 Zembahs R. „The Secret of White Rabbit”. Journal of Literature „The Flag” Nr.5.
2003                 Draguna A. About S. Orinska’s "The Mirrorsteps". “Independent Morning Newspaper” 

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